Business Continuity Walk-through


A well-developed Business Continuity strategy can minimize business disruptions, while safeguarding key business interests, relationships, and assets. However, there are challenges to effective Business Continuity implementation in many organisations:

  • Complex organizational structure– with separate& independent business units
  • Identification of critical processes– between departments that are intertwined
  • Identification of existing threats and vulnerabilities
  • Lack of BC awareness amongst key staff and senior management

That is why Delta3 International is collaborating with the renowned Business Resilience Certification Consortium International (BRCCI), Canada to offer various services including Business Continuity Walk-through to organisations in Africa.

Business Continuity Walk-through

Our consultants will be physically present at your premises to work with your team in order to perform a comprehensive step-by-step walk-through of your business processesand also all aspects of your BC planin order to verify it is ready for its intended purpose.

Using our methodologies and tools, we will work with you to identify and assess risks that may disrupt your normal business operations and cost you money and reputational damage. The key objective of this service is to create a robust Business Continuity plan that is aligned with your business needs and requirements.

Other Services

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Delta3 & BRCCI will help you prioritize business impacts of business disruption risks, so you can optimally prioritize continuity requirements.

Business Continuity Strategy & Planning

We will partner with you to build / update robust business continuity strategies and plans based on documenting Emergency Action, Incident and Risk Management and Business Continuity Plans which address technology, facilities, workforce and third-party failures.

Exercise Program

We will work with you to create a sustainable business continuity exercise program based on internationally accepted standards to help you validate your capabilities and uncover areas for continuous improvement.

Business Continuity Operational training

This training is specifically created for your operational and technical staff, and it comes highly recommended. It will provide in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and insight for developing and managing business continuity plans, IT DR plans, and BC/DR program audit. This training program provides a complete certification track – with credentials that recognize knowledge, expertise and qualifications in BC and IT-DR.

This program may involve travelling to the BRCCI centre in Toronto, Canada

Business Continuity & Incident Recovery Training

If (when) your organisation encounters a major incident or disaster, you will need every employee ready to respond quickly and effectively! As such this one-day awareness training is for all of your employees. This training utilizes a rapid proven methodology that helps identify the appropriate actions and controls to manage and mitigate the situation.

Participants will learn how to Prepare, Respond & Manage a major incident or disaster. The main objectives of the training is to condition your employees to prepare and think about their work from incident recovery & business continuity angle, considering assets, risks, and personal safety.

Data Protection

If you hold personal data, you are required by law to protect it; as such keeping data confidential should be a key priority for any organization.  Our goal is to assist organisations to comply with the Principles of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in relation to the storage, management and process of personal data both within the UK and data off-shored overseas.

Delta3 offers an advisory and discovery service to ensure that organisations have the policies, controls, processes and awareness, which will minimize any risk of a Data Protection regulation breach and prosecution.  Our Data Protection and Privacy Consulting Services provides extensive expertise and deployment experience, through our consulting services. Services include the design, installation, and integration of DLP, encryption, PKI, and trust services. Delta3 helps you exploit your investments through optimized data protection and privacy deployment which best meet your business needs.



  • High-level preliminary assessment of processing risks (scoping study)
  • Expert security advice on all aspects of data protection and privacy
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Review  & Reporting  (provided in word or slide format)


  • Comply with mandatory requirements of Data Protection Regulation
  • Understand and mitigate risks arising from personal data processing
  • Reduce cost of data protection management delivery

Business Continuity Planning

The cost of I.T downtime is continually rising, with experts estimating losses of $100,000/Hour for medium-to-large companies. As such an effective Business Continuity plan is critical in reducing recovery time and mitigating business impact.

Business Continuity planning are critical to ensuring that your organization can continue to operate / provide services in the event of a disruption due to disaster. In this regard, Delta3 will work with you to create a robust system & data recovery plan that is aligned with your business needs and requirements. The Delta3 Recovery Plan is a plan to restore IT services (e.g. applications and infrastructure) following a disruption. This includes:

  • Identifying critical applications and dependencies.
  • Defining an appropriate (desired) recovery timeline based on a business impact analysis.
  • Creating a step-­by-­step incident response plan.

As part of this service, Delta3 will work with you to achieve the following:

  • Create a Business Continuity plan that is aligned with business requirements.
  • Prioritize technology enhancements based on DR requirements and risk-­impact analysis.
  • Identify and address process gaps that impact DR capability and day-­to-­day service continuity.
  • Minimize interruptions to regular operations
  • Limit the extent of disruption and damage
  • Provide for smooth and rapid restoration of service


  • Improving an organization’s resilience against disruption
  • Protecting and enhancing the organization’s reputation and brand
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Reduce risk & enhance system security
  • Improved IT Governance

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