Cyber Security Solutions & Services

With the emergence of cyber crimes and network-related criminal activities, the need for a dedicated and INDEPENDENT cyber security partner to provide Information security and computer forensics expertise and technology solutions to both public and private organisations across Africa becomes more important than ever before.

Delta3 provides a complete range of cyber security consultancy services in relation to strategies, policies, architecture, products and cyber security awareness to help clients achieve their corporate strategic objectives. We support the development of policies and strategies that drive the delivery of the security programme to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, addressing the requirement to be secure, vigilant and resilient.

Cyber security approach is not one coat fits all and that is why Delta3 wishes to be your strategic partner and offer specialist services and solutions that fits your particular requirements.


  • Consultancy services in relation to strategies, policies, architecture and products
  • Consultancy guidance in relation to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Technical Transformation Leadership


  • Develop strategies and apply standards to mitigate cyber risks.
  • Benefit from our dedicated, independent and trusted cyber knowledge

You will benefit from Delta3 Cyber Security Services if you:

  • Hold sensitive customer data, e.g. names, addresses, bank accts, etc.
  • Wants protection for your organization confidential data
  • Have a website and you use computers in your business

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