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Digital Transformation Advisory & Strategies

Research suggests that large IT projects are at far greater risk of failure due to lack of Technical oversight across the different work-streams that usually characterize complex / large transformation projects.

The selection, deployment and development of IT and telecommunication systems, websites or software to meet business strategies and goals can be a complex and daunting exercise. Since 2004 Delta3 have been supporting organisations to transform their businesses from current mode of operations (CMO) to future mode of operations (FMO)

Delta3 is a niche consultancy that enables organizations to accelerate innovation through the adoption of new technology, be it Digital, Cloud or On-premise. Our integrated services support end-to-end transformation across people, process and technology.

At Delta3, we understand the importance of making your project a success. Utilising our vast experience and structured methodology, we will be your trusted technical advisers during transformation / project implementation. We will assist you on everything from overall strategy, to the type of technology and functionality needed within the context of customer business goals and I.T environment.

  • We will act on your behalf to provide technical oversight, technical expertise, direction, and leadership to your technical teams and most-importantly to your chosen suppliers / service providers for the ‘I.T Enabler project’.
  • Be responsible for end-to-end technical assurance, technical governance, technical best practices, and the sign-off of all technical work pertaining to the project.
  • Define and implement agile blueprints to transform the infrastructure and underpin customer’s digital IT roadmaps. Form and execute the security strategy required to help them proactively minimize risk.
  • Harness value creation for customers; positioning their IT to deliver business value and support future growth through infrastructure transformation.
  • Define and carve out solutions to solve client business problems that take advantage of new cloud based technology to host data, networks and overall infrastructure.
  • Providing program and project services focusing on new IT methods and tools (e.g. Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Design Thinking).
  • Help you stay at the forefront of the intelligent enterprise; shaping and contributing to the capabilities strategy and thought leadership around large scale IT transformation and next generation technologies
  • Ensure the integrity and completeness of the project activities in alignment with contractual obligations, business requirements, delivery capabilities, expected end-state, as well as standards and industry best practices
  • Perform the functions of Technical Design Authority and review / approve all relevant technical documents pertaining to the delivery of the project.
  • Asses the suitability and use-case of any functionality to be delivered as part of the project and review Functional, Non-functional, Technical and business Models for the systems in consultation with the Stakeholder representatives from the ministry.
  • Assist you to review Technical tender documents for agreed and approved procurement packages of the desired systems based on the industry best practices and rules and guidelines provided by the ministry
  • Execute continuous supervision of all works throughout the duration of the project and ensure adherence to specified work standards (Quality Control).


  • Architecture & Technical Solution Design
  • Provision of Voice and Data Solutions
  • Business Analysis, Business Case, and IT Strategies
  • Cloud & Datacentre Migration, Architecture and implementation
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Project Management & Evaluation


  • Independent & Impartial Advisory service
  • Shorten project timescales
  • Ability to launch solutions quickly
  • Overcome lack of internal resources
  • We provide value for money and minimise risk

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