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Employees are a company’s greatest asset, as such you need to consistently update employees with the latest skills and capacity that will ensure the continuous growth of your organisation.

Delta3 International Limited is a niche Training and Cyber Security solutions provider with its Headoffice in the United Kingdom and regional office in Accra, Ghana. The firm specializes in providingQuality professional training in diverse disciplines with a view to equip our corporate andindividual clients with requisite skills to enable them to perform their duties at the highest level andattain the highest level of business success.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or a large corporation, our highly skilled team will be able toassess your specific needs and deliver bespoke training for you across multiple locations andmultiple countries.We are happy to customize our training to suit your individual and corporate needs and requirements.

We are in collaboration with top institutions and organisations globally, thus enabling us to provide the best of both world for our clients. Our partners include:

  • IBM – A leading Global Technology provider.
  • BRCCI Canada – An international institute for business continuity and resiliency.
  • Schulich Business School – An Executive Business School in Toronto, Canada.
  • Ivey Academy (Business School) – An Executive Business School in London, Canada.
  • EC-Council – a Global InfoSec Training Institution that trains US Army, Navy &other organisations world-wide.

We have Training Centre Locations in Ghana, UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia and South Africa. Our trainers & speakers are highly skilled professionals from Ghana, Nigeria, US, UK and Canada and we provide knowledge and education to both technical and non-technical employees of all organisations in the private and public sectors.

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