ICT Leaders Conference -2020

Mitigating Cyber Risks Through Effective Leadership

Why InfoSec & I.T Leaders Conference?

Corporate businesses are shifting towards cloud due to the benefits in form of reduced

As our dependency on technology grows, breaches are no longer limited to a specific platform or device. Everything is connected and everything is a target for cybercriminals, who are increasingly collaborating to escalate their efforts.

As we continue to embrace modern technology and interconnectivity, the privacy and cyber security landscape has become increasingly complex. Business leaders in Africa are increasingly aware of the implications of this interconnected world, knowing full well that one security breach can derail the entire organisation. Threats are increasing in number and sophistication and points of entry are multiplying; this is where the InfoSec and I.T Leader steps in. As such the role of the InfoSec and I.T Leaders in Africa needs to evolve from managing security risk to becoming integrated business enablers. Not only should they possess the necessary technical cyber security capabilities, but also exhibit excellent leadership skills.

The InfoSec and I.T Leaders, and their teams, have the unenviable task of protecting the organisation from external threats, yet should possess the ability to articulate IT security priorities from a business viewpoint. This is the reason why Delta3 International is working with leading industry experts to organise the first Ghana InfoSec & IT Leaders Conference.

This will enable participants to meet with thought leaders & decision makers in I.T & Cyber Security thus fostering collaboration and partnership in our fight against cyber crimes and cyber attacks.

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Conference Objectives

The InfoSec & IT Leaders Conference is an all-day conference focused on exploring the current security landscape in Africa and how I.T and Business Leaders could prepare for the future challenges of cyber security and data privacy.

The main objective of the InfoSec & IT Leaders Conference is to continuously inform and re-position information security as a key business enabler and also to share new knowledge and technology in Information Technology and Information Security.

The event will bring together thought leaders & decision makers in I.T & Cyber Security, e.g. CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CISO, I.T Managers, Audit Managers, Risk Managers, HR Managers & Directors, etc. A unique platform for thought provoking topics. It is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your business, shape your strategy and enhance your company’s competitiveness and corporate brand.

Key Topics To Be Discussed

  • The Role of InfoSec Leaders : What’s the attributes of the modern InfoSec & I.T leaders?
  • Africa Cyber Security Landscape – What’s ahead in 2019? – Discussions on new Threats Predictions.
  • Steering the Security Conversations with Small, Medium, Businesses (SMBs).
  • Governance, Regulations & Compliance – What is GRC & What Should It Be?
  • Digital Transformation: from AI & Automated Security, IOT to CLOUD, and Blockchain & Cybersecurity.
  • Mitigating Cyber Threats Through Effective Leadership.
  • Mitigating Cyber Threats Through Business Continuity Planning.
  • BoG Directives on Finance Sector in Ghana – Are the banking & finance sector ready?
  • HR Leadership & their Pivotal Role in Cyber Security.
  • The key concepts of Security-as-a-Service.
  • Cyber security capacity building as a means for job creation in Africa.

Who Should Attend?

  • Information Security Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors in all private and public sectors.
  • I.T Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors in all private and public sectors.
  • Chief Information Security Officers in Banks, Financial Institutions & other organisations.
  • Business Unit Managers.
  • Project managers,
  • Senior management, and
  • Staff from Information Technology,
  • Human Resource Departments.
  • Business Continuity Coordinator
  • Business Continuity Auditor / Compliance Auditor
  • Information Security Auditor
  • Financial Auditor
  • Internal / external Business Continuity Auditor
  • Risk Management professionals
  • Business Continuity Professional / Consultant
  • Senior Executive and Management
  • Emergency / Disaster Recovery professionals

Participants at our Workshops & Seminars

Testimonials From Previous Delegates

The programme is very insightful and I will recommend it to management to get other staff members trained on it.
Belinda O.
BC Consultant
The course is an eye-opening one. It brings to life the whole idea of Business Continuity with the embedded Risk Management and Business Impact Assessment. For any organization to really prepare for disruptive events and be resilient, this course is a must.
Reindolf G.
BC Consultant
The course is critical to every organization irrespective of a sector as it is customizable to suit their respective needs. It is also in line with international best practices standards and many other governance frameworks.
Nwagu C.
BC Consultant
BRCCI provided a comprehensive course on the key aspects of business continuity planning. Of particular note is their management planning approach to develop comprehensive continuity plans. This course is highly recommended for any individuals needing to lead their organization in business continuity readiness.
Glenn H.
BC Consultant

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