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Our Wonderful Team

Nana Afua Sarpong
Business Development & Country Manager

Nana Afua Sarpong is a Business Development Consultant with over 20 years experience having worked for the Ministry of Tourism, culture and creative arts in Ghana. Previous to her role with Delta3, Nana has been in the hospitality industry for the past twenty-five years and has managed Hotels and Restaurants across Ghana and in the UK.
Nana is people -focused and result oriented leader, hence her slogan – PERFECTIONIST

Mike Komla Etchi
Managing Consultant

Mike Komla Etchi, is a Network Analyst, an IT architect and a Certified Cisco Network Instructor. He has an HND in Computer Automation and Networking and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing from the University of Surrey. He has worked in the Telecommunications and IT industry for the last 20 years and 15 of those years as an ICT and Cisco Instructor at North East Surrey College of Technology in the United Kingdom. He is currently a Managing Consultant at Delta3 International.

Dr Adrian Venables
Cyber Security Consultant

Dr Adrian Venables, served in the Royal Navy for 24 years as a Communications, Warfare, and Intelligence officer. A Certified Information System Security Professional and Certified Information System Manager, he holds seven computing and cyber security-based degrees and is a Chartered Information Technology Professional Fellow of the British Computing Society, Chartered Engineer Member of the Institution of Engineering Technology and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Aside of working as an independent cyber security SME with Delta3 International, Dr Adrian Venables is also consults in Estonia (the world’s most digitally advanced country).

Del Aden
Managing Partner

Having worked as a Security Architect, Solution Manager and Technical Design Authority for big Consulting firms and Service providers such as IBM, HP, ATOS, EMC & KPMG, and also in Financial Industry (Lloyds, ING, Barclays Capital, etc.), Del has acquired sound Technical & Commercial skills required for varied and complex environments.

As an Enterprise Architect and Information Security Consultant, Del is an industry-recognized security expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience in consulting, training, public speaking, and expert witness testimony. As the Managing Partner for Delta3 International, Del Aden focuses on helping customers prevent security breaches, detect network intrusions, and respond to advanced threats.

An astitute speaker and trainer, Del is on the cutting edge of cybersecurity research and development. Having organised the first ever Cyber Awareness workshop in Ghana, he is described as a pioneer of Cyber Security Awareness in Ghana.

His advice to organisations in Africa: ”Establish an incident response and disaster recovery capability. Test your incident management plans. Provide specialist training to your employees. Report criminal incidents to law enforcement”.

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