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Prior to early March, many regions and industries appeared to be on solid economic footing with strong labour markets and steady investment activity. In the weeks that followed, however, economic activity dropped sharply alongside developments related to COVID-19.

As we come to terms with changes in the world of work, Delta3 International is working with its Global partners to host a series of interactive webinars with experts on a variety of topics, policy changes and best practices which can help navigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business and corporate organisations (both public & private sectors)

These webinars will focus on Strategies for organisations in Africa to Continue Business and Stay Safe Online during Covid-19 period and afterwards


Our Webinars are also interactive–You will be able to engage with the experts, ask a question, and improve your understanding of the issues that matter to you.

Why You Should Attend?

Our Webinars are truly informative, so that you will come away knowing more about the topic than you did before, and ideally with actionable information that you can apply in your organisation.

Who Should Attend?

Employers, Business owners, I.T managers / Directors, Audit managers / Directors, Project managers / Program Directors, HR managers / Directors, C-suite, CEOs and Senior Management of organisations (public & private) operating in Africa.

Whether you’re wondering how to effectively manage a remote team, establish work-life boundaries at home, or have a question about the best devices for video calls using Microsoft Teams, we can help.

This informal session is your opportunity to ask anything and get your answers from the people who live and breathe organisation security, Business Continuity, Incident Response and Crisis Management&Remote work and collaboration every day.

Sponsorship / Partnership Opportunities

We humbly seek partnership and sponsorship from your esteemed organisation so we could offer this Webinar free to all organisations in Africa.

In return we offer the following:

  • Speaking slot / product presentation on the webinar
  • Acknowledgement and mention of your support on the Webinar
  • Your Logo on all publicity materials such Banners, Online and Social Media
  • Your Logo on the Webinar Slides and video recording

Contact Us Today if you wish to partner or sponsor any of our Live Webinars

Ghana: +233 243 616 216 / +233 234 160 272 / UK: +44 208 935 5299
Email: info@delta3.co
WhatsApp: +44 7973 623 624
Web: www.delta3.co/webinar

Featured Speakers

Dr Adrian Venables
Cyber Security SME
Yemi Adeniran
Cyber Security SME
Del Aden
Cyber Security SME
Anita Asinor
HR Expert / Consultant
Dr.Akhtar Syed
Business Continuity Expert
Precious Bonsu
Editor - Treasure Kids Newspaper
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