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For evil to exist in the world, it’s because good men do nothing!
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Everyone – individuals, small businesses, and global corporations alike – is now a target for cyber attacks, ransomware, phishing and advanced persistent threats (APT). And beyond financial ramifications, a successful attack can destroy your personal and brand reputation.

Almost every organisation now requires information security due to the pervasive nature of information technology. Your information assets are crucial to your business, but often difficult to evaluate in monetary terms because they’re intangible. As the speed of doing business steadily increases, so does the threat of malware and other cyber attacks to your organization. The success of ransom-ware alone is so great, the FBI estimates it has already cost business over $209 million in the first three-quarters of 2016.

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to reduce your risk factors.

Adopting a comprehensive security approach to defend against phishing, ransom-ware and other email and network-born threat is a multi-dimensional challenge that all organizations need to understand. When it comes to cyber security, business continuity and other I.T & Telecom services, working with Delta3 is one of the only ways to ensure your back is covered and you can focus on your core business.

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Our Process


At this stage, we will work with you to determine project feasibility and alignment with business strategy.

Scoping & Planning

The objective of this phase is to scope the project based on your requirements.


Develop, implement and evaluate solutions that meet customer stated requirements.

Review & Reporting

Ensure the new value stream meets / exceeds goals, e.g. review Security Assessment Report


The objective of this phase is to ensure the problem stays solved. This phase would typically involve security Monitoring and Countermeasure Maintenance.


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